How Remote Learning is Impacting Immigrant Children

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PTR Board Member Dr. Sita Patel was featured in a NY Times article on how remote learning due to COVID-19 is particularly a challenge for English Language Learners. “For English-language learners, if you’re not having those casual, informal, low-stakes opportunities to practice English, you’re really at a disadvantage.”

Prop 20 Would Reverse California Justice Reforms

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The following Op-Ed appeared in the Orange County Register. Prop. 20 would be a major setback for re-envisioning our criminal justice system By Leah Spelman As the executive director of a trauma recovery center that serves crime survivors, calls to “defund the police” in the wake of the killing of George Floyd land close to home. It is clear that people across the country are …

De-Stressing and Shaping Peace Together

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The Greater a Community’s Loss in Common Ground, The Greater the Resulting Gain in Violence By Jean Pierre Ndagijimana, PTR African Communities Wellbeing Coordinator On September 21st of each year, the United Nations observes the International Day of Peace. This day marks the UN’s declared 24 hours of cease-fire for everyone on Earth to experience the ideals of peace, to …