Refugee Voices

Mosaic Healing Center Mental Health Interpreter Team

Essential to our work is our Refugee Voices team of in-person mental health interpreters who speak the languages of our client populations, and provide the linguistic and cultural bridge necessary for empathic communication, and the development of trusting healing relationships with survivors.
Our interpreters are themselves refugees, asylees, and immigrants with a keen understanding of our clients’ experiences, and speak languages which include Amharic, Arabic, Dari, Farsi, Mam, Pashto, Spanish and Tigrinya. Chosen for their skills, their cultural and emotional sensitivity, and their willingness to engage in the difficult process of bearing witness to histories of trauma and emotional suffering, our interpreters are supported through regular team meetings and training to provide ongoing professional development, and help prevent secondary trauma from this demanding work.
As additional language needs emerge for the clients we serve, we will recruit new mental health interpreters for our Refugee Voices team.


Samira Alibakit
Tigrinya, Amharic, & Arabic Interpreter

Gerelmaa Bataa
Mongolian Interpreter

Altankhuar Bayanjargal
Mongolian Interpreter

Samah Derenkay
Arabic & Tigrinya Interpreter

Tania Dugatkin
Spanish Interpreter

José Guillama
Spanish Interpreter

Robin Gurung
Nepali Interpreter

Aizpea Isasi Agirre
Spanish Interpreter

Selam Kifle
Tigrinya & Tigre Interpreter

Dalia Nava
Spanish Interpreter

Golghotai Osman
Dari, Farsi, Pashto, & Urdu Interpreter

Roshmi Rayamajhi
Nepali Interpreter

Adenice Terezinha
Portuguese Interpreter

Ensieh Yazdanpanah
Farsi & Dari Interpreter