African Communities Program

The African Communities Program works alongside Bay Area African Communities to support wellbeing through the following offerings:

AFRICAN COMMUNITIES GATHERINGS: Monthly gatherings for members of African communities to increase awareness and understanding of matters that impact wellbeing. Discussion topics include: immigration, employment, family relationships, education, access to services, nutrition, health, and exercise, etc.

SUPPORTIVE INDIVIDUAL, FAMILY AND GROUP COUNSELING: PTR offers supportive individual, family, and group counseling as well as case management services for community
members. Referrals can be made directly through our website or in-person with our community outreach staff.

INDIVIDUAL AND COMMUNITY WELLBEING CONSULTATIONS: PTR providers are available to discuss mental health matters with individuals and communities.

EDUCATIONAL WORKSHOPS: PTR providers offer educational workshops for community-based
organizations, religious leaders, and communities on topics relating to community wellbeing and health.

Language interpretation is available for clients in their native languages, such as: Tigrinya, Amharic, Arabic, Swahili, and French. All services are free of charge.

For more information please contact: