Meet the 2017-2018 Global Healing and Human Rights Clinical Team



On September 5th, PTR’s new Global Healing and Human Rights cohort began its intensive training year.

These 9 clinical psychology doctoral students, 1 social work student and 1 counseling psychology intern will engage in one of the few graduate-level clinical training programs in the nation specializing in trauma-informed, globally culturally aware and linguistically accessible psychosocial care for refugees, asylees and asylum seekers.  With roots in countries including Afghanistan, India, Iraq, Iran, Jordan, Puerto Rico, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Venezuela and more, this team will together support 165 adults and children on their journeys to healing.

Trainees will each receive over 200 hours of specialized, intense training and supervision covering topics such as refugee and asylee migration experiences, working with complex trauma, preventing secondary trauma, conducting psychological evaluations for asylum seekers, program evaluation, and much more.  This training is made real by clinicians providing tailored mental health and case management support for individual, family and group survivors and cases are used as a basis for learning.

Unique to this program is an advocacy component, which will train our clinical interns to take their knowledge of trauma and recovery outside of the therapy room to influence policy and programming.

Welcome to the 2017-2018 Global Healing and Human Rights cohort!  We honor your commitment to healing trauma and to this challenging clinical placement.  The work that you and your clients will do together to restore hope is an inspiration to all.