Global Human Rights Professional Wellbeing Program

As a non-profit addressing the emotional and psychological needs of international survivors, we understand the challenges of being witness to the experiences refugees and asylum seekers have endured in their countries of origin, and on their journeys in search of safety. International survivors have often experienced extreme levels of trauma. Legal and healthcare professionals and other community providers working with refugees and asylees encounter stories of tremendous violence and loss. Listening to these stories while providing services for survivors can have considerable impacts on those who assist them.

The repeated witnessing of survivors’ painful experiences can lead to secondary traumatization and compassion fatigue. Partnerships for Trauma Recovery is available to provide individual or group support and guidance for professionals who are experiencing the effects of their clients’ trauma on their own well-being. Working closely with international survivors of human rights abuses can lead to feelings of being overwhelmed and helpless in the face of their suffering. Providers can find themselves exhausted, discouraged, angered, and deeply saddened by their work. There is often limited opportunity to discuss these experiences with colleagues, or receive support around these challenges.

Attendees from our trainings have shared some of the following responses:

"Talking as a group through facilitated questions was incredibly helpful. I also liked doing the self-care assessment in advance, followed by the training - it helped to connect the dots. I'm glad we focused on both the clients' trauma and our own. Both are important, but we usually focus on one and not the other."

"This was just what I needed - thank you!"

“This was very valuable. It was also interesting to address the overlap between trauma/grief in human rights abuses and in victimization in general.”

Applying our 20 years of experience providing psychosocial support for international survivors of war trauma, torture and other forms of persecution – both in the United States and abroad – our Global Human Rights Professional Wellbeing Program provides guidance and support to help you best serve your clients.

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