Report from the U.S./Mexico Border


Last month, PTR Co-Founder Monika Parikh visited the U.S./Mexico Border in El Paso, Texas to connect with front-line advocates who support asylum seekers.  We invite you to learn more about her trip in her blog post Journeys of Struggle and Hope at the U.S./Mexico Border and this Visual Report from the U.S./Mexico Border.

Researchers, attorneys and volunteers in El Paso witness the impacts of our immigration policies first-hand, often hearing the stories of violence and persecution faced by asylum seekers, yet knowing that 80% will be denied asylum. This is not because clients aren’t often fleeing violence, but because barriers including recalling trauma histories, language, and lack of legal representation pose challenges to those who seek justice in the immigration process.  Secondary trauma, compassion fatigue and burnout are all risks faced by front-line advocates who engage in this vital, yet challenging work.  During her trip, Ms. Parikh shared Partnerships for Trauma Recovery’s model for providing both mental health care for asylum seekers, as well as training and support for the courageous advocates who support them.

In honor of these advocates, PTR invites you to join us in our Borderland Solidarity Fundraiser. Every dollar you give to support PTR’s work with asylum seekers will be matched 100% up to $10,000 with a contribution to Hope Border Institute, whose on-the-ground research and advocacy in the borderland is strengthening justice for those who seek refuge from violence and persecution.